embracing english lit

disclaimer: i’m not writing about my mental health for once, lol

i have loved reading and writing and words for as long as i could remember. in fact, somewhere there’s a bunch of ‘books’ i made when i was probably around 3 or 4 years old, which have no words (just random letters of the alphabet, i had a particular affinity for zees and exes) just pictures and speech bubbles. when i went through my greatest traumas during middle school around age 13, i started to write novels. they seemed like novels at the time, but in retrospect, 45000 words is barely a novella. then i moved on to poetry once i moved to sydney at 17. and finally, i began to perform at slam and spoken word events, writing poetry that was designed to be heard as well as read.

but i was always told that pursuing english was wasting my talents. i was always told that as someone whose life would be open to so many other opportunities, i should instead embrace a degree in veterinary science or medicine or allied health. in fact, apart from wanting to escape and cut off ties to past traumas, the biggest reason i chose to move to sydney and chose the university of new south wales in particular was because they had one of the only undergraduate medicine programs in australia.

in 2017, my first year at uni, i shattered those shitty expectations that i had always felt i must follow. i declined my offer for medicine. i changed my degree from advanced science with honours, to advanced science and arts, and finally to science and arts, with honours in english lit. choosing to write a thesis on poetry was probably the first decision i made purely for myself. my favourite lecturer agreed to be my supervisor, and i’ve slowly begun exploring current literature to see what direction my own thesis might take.

i got an editor gig. an organisation i used to write for called the ENID network was passed on to a new group of editors, myself included. it’s a student-run feminist website focusing on intersectional issues facing young women in the current political climate and their representation in pop-culture.

i continue to write for them, here’s my favourite article, and i am incredibly grateful to have the freedom to write and write and write. i recently redesigned our website and upgraded our public server to one with a private name – our very own name! enidnetwork.org! i’ll keep you all updated as to when it launches.

it feels good to finally devote a decent amount of time to my true passions. it feels good to write about something that isn’t how shitty everything is, even though everything continues to be shitty fyi… if i can’t self-validate, i won’t get any validation at all.

love, your languorously latent literary,

rosie bee

ps you can find me on instagram! rosiebee.poetry

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