to the colleague who started stalking me online

this is my safe space, but you’ve ruined that.

i write freely here. and i know it’s not a private space, it’s on the fucking internet after all, but it was my safe space.

i realised recently that you would have found this blog with a quick google search of my name, and even though i don’t use my real name to write here, i guess you connected the dots. well guess what, A? i am not ashamed. you are the one who should be ashamed. i am open about my mental health so that others feel less alone. so if it was your intention to vilify me, it won’t work. it will make me even more convicted that even though advocacy is hard work, it is work that needs to be done.

by the way, colleague is a strong word to describe the relationship we have in the workplace since we have never even fucking met. how dare you spread rumours about me when you don’t know a single thing about me, except what you have read here?

i am seething fury right now, blogosphere buds. and we all know how borderlines best manage fury.

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